Improving employee wellness this coming winter

Boost your bottom line by boosting employee wellness

Employee wellness is gaining more attention these days, which makes this article that appeared in Forbes a few years ago as relevant as ever. It points out that a good workplace wellness program is linked to an improved bottom line because there is less absenteeism, more productivity and more motivation.

Office nuts and dried fruit by The Fruit Cube to improve employee wellness

In March, this other article spoke about how Singapore is moving it’s focus to human-centric solutions to help prevent chronic diseases instead of having to treat them. When it comes to building healthier lifestyles, the author says “understanding human motivations, desires, realities and pain points allows us to design preventative health initiatives that resonate with people, which make healthier lifestyle choices more likely to click and stick.”

There are many ways to introduce an aspect of wellness in an office, and one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways of creating an environment of health is by offering healthy snacks. With employees spending the majority of their day at the office, they’re likely to choose more nutritious options if those options are what’s conveniently available. It can be as simple as replacing some canteen lunches with healthier alternatives, replacing sugar-laden drinks with water, or offering fruit, nuts or smoothies once a week or even daily.

Citrus fruit by The Fruit Cube to improve wellness

And we’re here to help give your staff a wellness boost in the most convenient way possible! Order fresh, easy to eat, seasonal fruit as well as nutritious nuts or biltong snack boxes and we’ll deliver it straight to your office either daily, weekly or fortnightly. Here’s to healthy, happy snacking!