Winter’s citrus fruit

Don’t know your satsumas from your naartjies?

This winter we’ll be packing a variety of citrus in your Fruit Cubes – here’s a look at just some types that you can look forward to in the coming months.


ClementinesThe Fruit Cube clementines

  • Soft citrus
  • The relatively smooth, bright orange rind is easy to peel
  • With a nice sweet flavour, this soft citrus is a firm favourite
  • Available for most of the winter season


  • Soft citrus
  • A light orange rind which is soft and easy to peel
  • Mildly sweet flavour and very juicy, light orange segments
  • Available early in the season


Minneolas The Fruit Cube minneolas

  • Soft citrus (a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine)
  • The rind is a rich orange in colour and there’s a distinct “neck” protruding from the stem area giving it a bell shape
  • The fruit is very aromatic and the segments are sweet and juicy

Nadorcotts and Mors

  • Soft citrus
  • The rind is generally thinner and tighter, but still easy to peel and is a beautiful deep orange colour
  • Available mid- to end-season and deliciously sweet


Cape Naartjie

  • A locally grown favourite and available for a few weeks
  • The rind is very soft, sits loosely around the segments and is very easy to peel
  • The segments are sweet and juicy


NavelsCitrus orange

  • A large size orange
  • An excellent eating orange because it’s not too difficult to peel
  • Sweet flavour


  • A medium size orange
  • With a thin rind and very juicy segments, this orange is great for eating and juicing
Images from Mouton Citrus