Another year of corporate fruit and snack deliveries

We’re celebrating another year of delicious deliveries!

As another year has come and gone at The Fruit Cube, we have a lot to celebrate. High up on that list is the incredible natural produce that our country has to offer. From day one, we knew we wanted to encourage corporate companies and smaller businesses to offer seasonal fruit to employees – why?

  • It’s more cost effective
  • It’s more environmentally sustainable
  • It supports farmers in SA
  • It’s tastier and adds variety to our diets throughout the year
  • There are less food miles involved compared to using imported fruit year round


It’s so easy to forget that the fruit that lands up on our desks started out on a tree, in an orchard, weathering various changes in climate until being harvested at just the right time – it’s an around the clock job across farms and we’re proud to support local every chance we get.

Week in and week out, our packhouse sources a good few tonnes of seasonal fruit from farms around the country and the team hand-packs every box that goes out to offices. Bananas are the firm favourite, but we love hearing about the excitement in offices when nectarines or grapes get added to the mix in summer, and the same again when citrus makes its debut in winter.

Our Upside Snacks range has also been available for just about a year now, and the feedback we get has been wonderful. Once again it’s all about making corporate snacking easy, healthy and convenient and we believe our little snack packs certainly deliver when it comes to that!


Upside Snacks. Daily fruit and snack delivery in Cape Town

As before, this year also saw fruit being donated on various occasions, the biggest volume being to FoodForwardSA after the festive season, and The Fruit Cube  continued to be involved in wonderful events like Google’s StartupGrind, Cape Town Cricket Sixes and Heavy Chef.

We’d like to say a big thank you to each of our customers for their ongoing support and we look forward to growing our offering in the coming year!