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How It Works

Make office fruit a key part of employee wellness at your office. Get boxes of mixed, fresh, seasonal fruit conveniently delivered to your Cape Town or Winelands office to keep your staff energised and healthy! Setting up a standing order (daily, weekly or fortnightly), means there's no need to re-order each week.

What We Offer

Access a smart, simple way to invest in your employees today

What’s in the box?

Each Fruit Cube contains 25 - 30 pieces of top quality, seasonal fruit. One Cube is perfect for 10 - 15 employees or a family per week. Every week we select a great variety that is sure to satisfy a wide range of tastes in your office!

Free Delivery

Deliveries from Mondays through to Fridays. Multiple delivery days in the week are available for large orders.

Have your previous empty boxes ready at reception on your delivery days for collection by our couriers.

Full flexibility

No contracts.

You can easily amend, pause or cancel your order at any time by sending us an email or giving us a call the week before your next delivery.


Guaranteed Freshness

Our promise is to consistently deliver fresh, top quality fruit to our customers.

If you are not happy with your delivery, simply give us a call or send an email - we’d love to make amends.

Why Office Fruit?

Healthy minds and bodies improve the performance and wellbeing of your staff.

About Us

We have your health at heart

We throw our full energy into providing our clients with top quality fresh fruit as well as nut and biltong snack boxes to help them support healthy, productive and active staff. Our vision is to be the premier supplier of superior snacks for the workplace, to make the smart choice the easy choice. We want to make healthier snacking a convenient and cost-effective employee wellness initiative for our customers.

We are committed to delivering a high quality product. We deliver what we promise, or you cancel. We also encourage recycling! All customers can return their boxes to us at their next delivery.

The Fruit Cube has Level 4 BBBEE certification.


Latest News

The Fruit Cube in the press, recipes and more.

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Get fresh fruit delivered to your office